Saturday, October 1, 2016

Adores You

When the wind rises you run outside
As the clouds fall out of the sky
You spin around and around
Arms outstretched and fingers wide
Head flung back, face to the heavens
You dance in the rain

The thunder is shouting for joy
The sky cries tears of joy
It kisses your face with raindrops
The mist swirls around you
Wrapping you in a hug 

The trees sway along
The rushing river sings to you
The lightning flashes to silhouette you
The storm dances with you

You laugh for joy and the Creator of it all
Is laughing with you
The sky's kisses are His to you
The hug of the mist is His hug to you
He dances with you

And the shout of the thunder is His call
It echoes for miles and miles
Until all the creation hears
In the whirlwind:
He absolutely adores you