Wednesday, February 24, 2016


In this darkness before the dawn
The silence is deafening
Wake me from this dream
I know it is not a dream

I cannot sleep again
The clock chimes midnight
I am thirsty
It is so dark

Do you know
How torturous is
Every tick of the clock
In the dead of night?

I want sleep to carry me away
From my anguished thoughts and fears
And the one place I have hidden away
Deep inside my mind

That is where it wanders tonight
And I cannot stop
I cannot stop
Give me relief from this dark night

Tell me dawn will break soon
I want this winter night to end
Please, please end
In the glowing hope of sunrise

I want to fall asleep again
I want to sleep until the break of dawn
When the dark of night
Fades away
I hope it will drag with it
These feelings

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I hide under the blanket
In here I can escape the
Outside world
I just want to stay here forever

This blanket is like a
Cozy cocoon
Protecting me from the cold
Winter outside

I'm just gonna curl up in here
And hibernate
You can look for me in a few months
When spring emerges so will I

Until then
I will hibernate

The Alien Creature In My House

In my house there lives 
A creature unnaturally strange
Weird is not strong enough 
A word to describe

Scrambled eggs replaced brains
The zombie faces this thing makes at me 
Are enough to scare even the bravest soul
In the dark
Such a person cannot be from earth

This wonder must be
Of an alien species
Speaking alien tongue
Goober and Wer are the garbled terms
Proceding from its mouth

I cannot imagine how it has survived so long
Without spontaneously combusting
From its own weirdness

However I must admit that
Somehow despite its head
Being formed of a bubble filled with
Air and scrambled eggs
It sometimes has moments of brilliance

But the thing that I cannot comprehend 
Is that somehow
This alien crept into my house!
And somehow
Disguised itself 
As my 14 year old brother!

I do hope this weirdness is not contageous... 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

War Cry

I need to tell you something
I need you to listen to me now
Before you leave this place
You need to know 

They are lying to you.

They are telling you a lie that

Your dreams don't
A lie

They talk and they talk

And they jab and they jab
And slamming the door 
In your face they tell you

That you are worthless

That you aren't good enough to

And after a while it starts to sink in

They lie and they lie
They laugh and they laugh 
At you on the ground
And you start to believe them

The false evidence surrounds you

Against the stark white walls
The glare in your eyes at 2 AM
Screams that your life doesn't

Raging and shouting rings in your ears

You screw your eyes shut
You cover your ears
But you can't hide
There's nowhere to go

Maybe if you fall asleep 

You can escape
Maybe if you turn the music up
The misery will drown

But they forever remind you that

Your life is a book that's wide open
For everyone to read
You have no secrets anymore
They're smeared across the pages

And it breaks my heart to see you

Slumped over, face in your hands
Believing you don't 

Oh but let me tell you now

The truth
The dangerous truth that
They don't want you to know

Under the screaming

Beneath the din of lies
Open your ears, a voice is 
Calling you to battle

It whispers and whispers

Saying your name
Telling you that you
Do matter

It says

This is not because
There is something wrong with you
It is because there is something dark in them

And you need to understand this now.

Stop listening to the ones lying

Ignore their lies
All they are is

They scream because 

They don't want you to hear
That soft voice
Because they know this:

If you listen to the voice

You will be dangerous
They are afraid of what you are
What you can be
The power residing 
Within you

The truth is

You are shining bright like a star
In this dark and empty place
You scare them
You threaten the dark
And this is why they lie to you

So don't listen to their screaming

Listen to the soft voice telling you that
You are a danger to the dark
It cannot stand against you
You more than matter

You wear the only armor that

They cannot stand against
Hold your head high with a
War cry
For in this battle you more than matter.

You are vital.

Always and Forever

I take a walk in the forest tonight
Midnight dapples on the leafy floor
Waterfall's icy spray on my face
Everything is a haunting reminder of you.

I'm on my knees
Begging you to do the impossible
To live again
I'm dying inside without you
I'm a shadow without shape.

This emptiness is so heavy
I'm drowning under the weight
Why couldn't I save you?
Why can't I find you now?

Where are you?
I want to hear your voice but all I hear is the wind
Every song I listen to speaks of you
Whispers to my soul that you're gone.

How can you be gone forever?
How is this possible?
When I still see you in my mind and
Still hold you in my heart.

I would give anything to see your face
One more time
I would cross worlds to see your smile
I would do anything just to hold your hand again.

One. More. Time.

Where is the path that leads to you? 
Show me the map I can follow
Show me the road that will lead me
To where you are.

I stand in the moonlight and watch the shadows glide
I imagine that I see an echo of you under the pines
But when I look closer
I see only the shadows.

I cried waterfall tears for so long
In my dreams you sat beside me
In my life you are gone
I must go on without you.

But always, always, always, and forever
I carry you with me inside my heart.

When you miss one who is gone... 
Big hugs to those missing someone right now.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Wild Music

I hope you find me
When you walk through the forest
I hope you hear me calling in the wind
Among the trees
I'm whispering your name

And I hope when you see the sun going down
You think of me because
You don't want me to go down either
I'm whispering your name in the dark

I hope you look for me
When it rains, look for me in the storm
Let's dance in the rain
Who cares if it's a thunderstorm
I hear wild music in the roar

When the tsunami hits
I hope you look for me then
Grab your surfboard, let's ride the waves
If we die, let's die together

When you're on your hands and knees in the mud
When you can't think straight anymore
I hope you think of me
And I hope somehow it helps you get back on your feet

Something is missing without you
I feel it in my soul
Until we find each other
I won't be whole

The band is striking up
The beat is pulsing fast
Life is racing in my blood
I feel so alive tonight

I'm going cliff jumping
At sunset
Over a shark-filled sea
Birds wheeling overhead
They're screaming our names
Come find me

Together, you and me
Let's scribble our own lyrics and run
For the highest sunset cliff and there
Let's play wild music 

I was listening to my favorite music, feeling the wind blowing gently in through my window, and musing about how life is an adventure... and suddenly came the urge to write, so I did; and it felt incredible. It was one of those moments when you just feel so alive. *deep sigh*

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Frozen Heartbeat

A blizzard struck me
As I was reaching for a peak
Alone on the mountain face
Exposed to the fury of the storm
I got lost in the whirlwind

It beat me against the rocks

It ripped away my coat
And drove splinters of ice
Into my chest

When the winds died down

I was nothing but a frostbitten shape
Frozen to the mountainside
And inside my chest
Around my heart
Lodged a block of ice

They found me wedged between the rocks

With effort they dragged me out
Lifting me to their shoulders
They carried me down to the valley

But even the roaring fire

As I collapsed on the hearth
Couldn't pierce the block of ice
That had claimed my heart 

So they gave up and left me

Alone with my frozen heartbeat
And over the course of years
Time taught me to get used 
To feeling numb

But one day the door opened

And you came into the room
You touched my block of ice
Like a warm summer breeze

But burning pain seared inside

Worse than the storm I'd endured
As the ice began to thaw
Until I screamed at you to let me go

But you placed your hand over my heart

I struggled as you 
Forced the ice to melt
Then I felt an unfamiliar pulse within

And my heartbeat came to life again

Into Forever

We'd never been that close 
So I didn't know why I kept finding
Pieces of you in the back of my mind and
It drove me crazy
But one day we met again

It was my darkest hour and when no one else
Was here
You were
I was drowning in this ocean and I had to
Turn to you 

The walls came tumbling down
And I showed you the secret parts
Of my soul that no one else
Had ever seen

I was open, like a wound
I had to trust you like I'd never trusted
Anyone else
You weren't the one I'd have chosen

But you were the only one who was here
So I told you my secrets and I
Closed my eyes and waited for you to
Push me away

But you aren't that type
You aren't that type at all
Leaning close you whispered in my ear
That it will be okay and you
Promised that
If I asked
You would never leave me

And my eyes opened to a face
I'd never seen before
I saw you in a different way
And I knew you were
The only one for me

For the rest of my life
When I'm lost in the driving rain
I cling to the sound of your voice
And when I'm sad and sinking
Your contagious laugh draws me to the surface

You look at me with a look in your eyes
Like no one ever has before
Like you cannot go into forever
Without me by your side

I didn't know someone like you
I don't want this moment to ever end
Make time stand forever still 

I dreamed last night and I thought it was real
When I woke I was afraid you were gone
But here you were 
Beside me where you said you'd always stay

Shooting Star

You left my universe behind
Disappeared into the Milky Way
Scattering stars in your wake
You shot like a comet through space

I'm racing on your fiery tail

I've got a fast ship
I'm following you
To the ends of outer space

Because you're the shooting star

The fell from my sky
Left a black hole
Where you used to be

But I lost your trail

Somewhere in the void beyond the sun
In the darkness of outer space
I saw a glow emanating 
From the cold face of the moon

On the craggy surface

In the valley of a crater
I discovered your empty footsteps
In the moondust

You've led me on a star-crossed chase

Across this lonely expanse
I'd follow you through a million galaxies
And now I'm catching up to you

I can see you're burning out

Running out of time
I won't stop until I've found you
And when you plumet out of orbit

I promise I will catch you in my palm

Saturday, February 6, 2016


I've been dreaming dreams at night
Of things I didn't know I held inside
The rhythms of my heart are beating out
An unfamiliar tune

I longed for the moon but then I saw the stars
Suddenly they were brighter 
Than anything I'd ever seen
And I got stardust in my eyes...

The scales started tipping
In a direction unforseen
And before I knew what happened
I grew a pair of wings

Tonight I'll fly off toward the stars
In the vast galaxies
Who knows what I may find out there
In the stardust

Friday, February 5, 2016

Bloom Again

There's a hole in her heart
And she's trying to hide it
But all the bars she sets in stone
Won't make it stop growing

Sunrises and sunsets
Cold air and wind
Life like a flower
She sees her life reflected
In the frosted window

She wished she hadn't constructed
These rock-hard walls
But her file's too small
To saw through the bars

She's dreaming
Of the life she used to love
The life that floated away
Down the river...

But time will bring life back
To her
If she waits for awhile
Flowers dead will start to bloom again

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


She is locked in a prison
That is hers alone
A fortress she built
With her own bleeding hands

She chained up her hopes 

Her dreams
Dropping the key into
The depths of her dungeon

Princess, trapped in the tower,

Fight your way free
From this hidious place
Don't give up, my lady
Don't give up

She's Joan of Arc,

She's Boudicca,
She's Zenobia,
Warrior blood 
Runs in her veins

She's a princess, born to fight

As only a princess can
And this is how she's 
Becoming a queen

Monday, February 1, 2016


Spring rain wakes me up
With a pen in my hand
I've been dreaming of art
But suddenly I see
Pictures I long to erase

I see it like a movie in my head
I close my eyes but it lingers here
Like an ungrateful dream
And my eyes blur with tears

I've hurled axes of spite
And spears of my hurt
Cut with daggers of anger
And swords with all of my might

I once read a book of fine verse
But then I scribbled the pages
'Til the verses were lost
Under resentful lines
Of drawings much worse

I loosed arrows of scorn
I was so blind but my aim
Was surprisingly true
And when I opened my eyes
All the pages were torn

There's an ache in my skull
From all the thoughts
I have thought
All the times I have judged
When I so knew not

And the taste in my mouth
Is of poison and pain
From the things that I've said
Words that don't wash away
In this cool spring rain

Because the ink never dries
It smears on the page
Some hearts are forever changed
By the slice of those blades
And the echoes of shouts never fade

I walked paths in gardens but
I withered the rose
And trampled the delicate fern
Wish I could undo the marks of those blows

Wish I could sew up those wounds
Pluck out deadly arrows
I keep wishing I had a way to
Make innocence regrow

I listen to the rain as I wait for the dawn
Midnight lingers forever it seems
But tomorrow I'll attempt to erase
The ugly lines I have drawn