Friday, January 6, 2017

Inside Her Heart

Something's missing
Something's wrong
Something's gone

She looks into the past
And it's all the same
She's afraid to look into the future
She's terrified it will be more of the same

She has armor five feet thick
Walls ten feet high
She's slowly dying inside
And no one seems to see
Cause she hides her tears at night
But her eyes are haunted with longing
And her heart is missing chunks

She stopped searching two years ago
When her last hope was finally crushed
By a boy who didn't even know her middle name
Much less how incredible she is
She doesn't know it either

Maybe she seems okay on the outside
She says, “I'm fine” when she's breaking inside
But under that baggy sweater thats almost as blue as her eyes
The cuts on her heart show up on her skin

They've said, “I love you” so many times
And “You're beautiful”
Before they turned around and cut her heart
She doesn't believe the words anymore
Because that's all they are now, just words
She wants the truth
She wants something real
She needs someone to hold her

Someone who won't let go
Someone who isn't afraid of the battles warring inside her
Someone who doesn't just see the scars on her heart and skin
But sees the beauty that she doesn't know she is
Someone who will prove it to her until she believes it
Someone who will protect her
Who looks at her like the jewel she is

She's been looking for him in all the wrong places
She knew him once but life coiled around her
And pulled her away
But he's been waiting this whole time
He would wait forever for her
He keeps calling her name
He's so in love with her

She doesn't see the tears in his eyes
When he sees the hurt in her that no one else does
She doesn't know his arms ache to hold her close
She forgot that he gave his own life
In exchange for hers
So she could breathe and live and love
But she forgot what it felt like
The first time she fell in love with him

There's a happily ever after waiting for her
Just around the corner
All she has to do is look inside her heart
He's already there

Thursday, January 5, 2017


In a dusty corner
through the cobwebs
you see a sunbeam
making the dust shimmer
you reach for it

And when you look up
the sky is crying
what you thought were snowflakes
are actually frozen tears
outside your window
today's more gray than bright blue

But you find that when you
hold a sunbeam in your hands
it looks like hope
for everyone who is covered
in those frozen tears

So you open your fingers
let the sunlight spill out
like liquid gold
and you watch
as the frozen tears
start to melt away