Monday, February 27, 2017

Free Falling

This is where it begins
Not where it ends
And don't let the voices tell you
That this chapter sucks

Lift your head up
It's not what it looks like
And you can be unstoppable
Read all the way to the end
There's no stopping this

The pen moves across the page
You can get in the way
You can let them tell you
You're going to die

Or you can stand on the edge
Open your shaking hands
Let the torn pages hurl into the whirlwind
And disappear into the storm clouds

Look down into the void of your future
It's obscured by fog
Feel the dizziness, go ahead
Then throw yourself off the edge
Free fall

As you fell the clouds consumed you
You felt like nothing but a drop of water
Hurtling over the falls

But at the end of the chapter you were still alive
The pen is still traveling
Taking you with it
Free falling

The safety net was only hidden by the fog
It was there all along