Friday, November 24, 2017

Mushroom Glow

When you walk at night in the mushroom forest... huge glowing fungi tower over you, lighting the path in purple radience. The glow turns your eyes, your hair, your lips lavendar. It traces shimmering paths over your skin. The dark shadows under your eyes become violet bruises.

Friday, September 22, 2017

I Don't Wanna Change You

I don't wanna change you
I don't need to try to fix you
maybe you don't like those things
about you
but who said that's all there is to you
who said that's all
that you'll ever be
I'm so tired of fake perfection
you're real

But you say what about this and what about that
you think that scares me?
you think I'll run?
no I don't wanna change you
I don't wanna 'save' you
I don't wanna make you
into anything else
you are what you are

I don't wanna try to tame you
I don't wanna make you
comb out all those burrs
and just so you know
I like that wild side

In your imperfections
and in everything that makes you
who you are
you see darkness
but I see light, too
don't think I'm gonna try to
mess that up
not for one second

Let me leave you free
and all I ask is
that you do the same

Cause who said you weren't good enough. Maybe when you look at yourself, you see a flawed, scratched up mess. But maybe when someone else looks at you, they see past the scratches. Maybe they see a beautiful mosaic.

And just maybe they're seeing you right. :) 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

think straight

I should write more poems
I tell myself
I'm suppose to be the writer here
the pen dried up
is my excuse
but it's more that
my mind is chaos
I just can't 
think straight

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pretend Sunsets

I try to speak to you with silent signs
you act like you can’t hear my mind
you're driving me wild
wish I was a child again

I forget to breathe when I’m thinking about it
cause there’s still too much more to say
but I don’t have the words
I never do

I wrote a novel you can never read
so can I just leave now?
it’s too hard to see in the dark
It isn’t supposed to be like this

I never ever wanted to take a magic pill
kinda want to now
I could hide, couldn’t I?
it’s not like you could see me anyway

sometimes I forget you’re blind
colors don’t make sounds but you
are so good at pretending
you can see sunsets
turns out so am I

how am I still here after all this time?
I should have been long gone
convinced there’s a castle beyond that hill
but there’s no dragon in sight
wish there was

I act like I’m oblivious
and you believe me
and that’s the problem
isn’t it?

we both pretend we aren’t blind
and I act like I’m looking at you when you talk
so I’ve never told you I can’t see your face
any better than you can see mine

but I can read you like an open page
when you speak I can see your mind
and when you fall silent
I hear what you don't say

but you don’t know how I hate
pretend sunsets
you don’t know how I love you
in the darkness

Saturday, April 29, 2017

You Are the Ocean

You’re too incredible
to be something less
than yourself

It would be impossible to
suppress the sea
into one drop

You are so much more
than what can be
contained in a drop

You are the wild
beautiful ocean itself

Monday, April 17, 2017

Rising Up

This feeling deep inside is growing
It’s like rising up
Out of the deep
Out of the storm
Growing stronger
I am facing the waves
I will ride on the winds that have tried to destroy me
I am a warrior, and even if I fall down
I am rising up, even if I have to crawl
Even if I have to drag myself I will advance
Inch by inch until I start to run
I am afraid still but I know
That the storm is beginning to fear me
For I am becoming a storm

Thursday, March 30, 2017

In the Music

Late night and I stay up
the candle is burning low
I’ve been dreaming again
and I catch memories in the music
this song is carrying me back
to how I felt once

I had glimpses of something grand
maybe I lost them for a while
did they fly away on the notes
of the music I stopped listening to?
did they drift out to sea because
I looked away for a second?

It’s like this song brings it all back
and my head is filled with visions again
the music is whispering to me
I feel like a mystery is waking up

All the things I used to dream of
all the wildness I wanted to keep
and let it go in a splash of ink
and strum of a note
and stroke of a pencil

I am drifting back to that place,
to that time
when my eyes were filled with stardust
and I saw something ineffable in ordinary music
ordinary words
and ordinary sounds and smells
and everything made me feel
a way that I haven’t felt in a while

When I was looking and searching
and maybe I found something
wonderfully mysterious
and then let it fade like old ink
I am finding it again, this part of me I forgot

It is coming back
in the music
It’s speaking to me
in the candle’s flame
in the way the wind smells
and in the sound of the rain
I am glimpsing that mystery again