Monday, March 21, 2016


I see a Masterpiece
I look up to the evening sky above the sea's horizon
And what I see far exceeds
Any ordinary artwork

As the ocean waves are
Rushing about my feet
My toes in the damp sand
The sky above comes alive
In glorious splashes of a paintbrush

Blazing red and orange
Streak across the sky and 
Explode into purple and pink
Swirling, dancing clouds of glowing gold
A Masterpiece is splashed across the evening sky

I long to paint but I know
I know I could never
Create such a gorgeous work of art
It's alive and moving and glowing
My breath is swept away
My eyes cannot look away
I'm stunned 

Because suddenly with a catch of breath 
I know
The Master Painter
Painted this wondrous living art
For me
He painted it
For me

As I stand here the waves out at sea pick up
The ocean's mighty roar fills my ears
The colors slowly fade 
Into a new painting that is
Almost frightening

Boiling dark clouds come rolling 
In from the west
As black as night and the wind
Strikes me like a blow
Icy rain drops sting my face

But I won't go inside
I won't go inside
The sky is chaos
A storm of raging gray and black
Lightning's flash blinds my eyes
And I jump as the thunder rolls across the sky
Like a mighty voice

And the rain comes down 
And the waves crash higher and higher around my knees
And the storm roars around me
The light is eerie
And the sky is dangerous

This is another kind of painting
Of a different beauty
A dangerous, stormy Masterpiece this is
In both paintings I can see
The Painter
But in this one I feel 
His heart calling to mine

I am soaked by the rain 
I am in awe
My heart responds to the Painter 
Who flung this storm across the sky 
To show me 
In this Masterpiece
His wild heart

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Road Map

The long and dusty road
Stretches out before me
I watch it wind around the mountains
And disappear into the dusky distance

And I wonder where my road map will lead me
How long will this journey take
How many lonely nights will I drive
With only the stars to light my path

I wonder where I am going
What does the future hold
Over the horizon
Around some distant bend

My old car makes
A wheezing sound
Over each bump on the rocky road
I think this heap of metal
Is going to fall apart

If it does, I'll walk the road
With nothing but road map in hand
I don't know what is ahead
Or how long this journey will take

But I know my destination awaits
I know it will be better
Than anything I've ever imagined
So I'll journey on and on

Because I know I'll make it
I have my map to guide me