Saturday, January 30, 2016


Rise from the smoldering coals 
Of your past
Throw off that cloak of lies
Shake off the ashes of your guilt
You would give your life for them
So do it now 

Defeat the beast inside 

Shut out the howling of the
Because you are a knight

There is more to you than 

The blood of your sins
And crumbled dreams
And the screams of your past
The voices you can't shut out

You've been hiding

Under dark curtains
But now it's time
To Rise

They need you

Crushed under the fist you once served
And you won't turn your back now 
And let them die

Because even though you deny it

You were forged in the white-hot furnace
And you'll never be the same
Honor grew within your heart
It's straining to break free

You see yourself in their haunted eyes

The boy you used to be
The weak hope you used to carry
The fear you used to feel
Before your heart went numb

You're no longer a boy

It's time to become a man
And the sword you once drew in guilt and shame
Will now be raised
To slay that dragon 
Before the flames devour
The young and innocent

This is the reason you're still alive

You longed for death 
In a heartbeat and you 
Lived a dead life
But don't die for the wrong reason

This is the right reason

You are their last hope
And you don't have to live your past
Any longer

Your heart is good

Your sword is sharp
You're a different man
Than you used to be

So now... Rise.

This is the story of one of my characters, Marek. He has a bad past, and has caused a lot of pain, and endured a lot of pain. But he has a good heart, buried under all the chains of numbness and guilt. And a part of him is trying to break free. But he has to step up and stand against the forces he used to serve, because they are going to destroy everything he ever cared for. He has to take courage and rise against them.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Candle In the Dark

You're the sunrise, the fiery dawn
Burning away
The lurking shadows of the night

You're that bright star in the inky night sky
Shining like a crystal of hope

You're the moon
Chasing away midnight with a milky glow

You've been a candle
On all those dark and stormy nights
When I got lost in my wondering
And wandered these halls

So don't you ever let the flame go out
'Cause I can't even imagine
How dark this place would feel without you

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


She's a wild creature
In her eyes lives no fear.

She's lived a thousand years
In the wilderness.

Her spirit refuses to be restrained.
Try to trap her,
And she will slip
Through your fingers,
Elusive as the wind.

Her skin is dark from the desert sun,
Scars etched like white trails,
A map of her journey
Through the desert.

But she thrives.
She tamed the wild horse
And the wolf trots by her side.
She drinks from the cactus
And doesn't feel the thorns.

She's seen the face of war
It has made her stronger

Saturday, January 16, 2016

d'Artagnan Drawing

Recently I watched the first couple episodes of the BBC series The Musketeers, and I love it! XD So I started drawing the characters. This one is d'Artagnan.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Can't Let You Go

When I knelt to gather
The pieces of my shattered heart
I found that some of them 
Were missing
Because you had taken them 
With you when you rode away.

You tugged on my heartstrings
But then ripped them out
Leaving me bleeding
And I hate that I can’t let you go.

My heart is a locked box
And I gave you the key
But you threw it away.

My heart is a rose, fragile
But you plucked all the petals
Leaving nothing but thorns
And I hate that I can’t let you go.

My heart is a diamond
That you could have set in a ring
But you threw it into the gutter
And I hate that I can’t let you go.

You stole my heart from me
Like the thief you are
And I want it back so bad.

I should hate you
But I can’t
You betrayed me
But now I betray myself.
This poem is written from the point of view of a character of mine. Another character, someone she really cares about, betrayed her and she sent him away, but she hates that she still cares despite the betrayal and she just can’t let him go even though she wants to more than anything.

Monday, January 4, 2016


Of being a survivor...

Yes, I feel pain
but that is because I am not numb.

I have cracks
but that's how the light trickles in.

I am broken
but I am not crushed.

I am missing pieces of my heart
but that is because I have loved.

I have nightmares
and that is because I have experienced fear
and yes, I am terrified of losing,
but that is because I have a reason to care.

I have cried myself to sleep
but I have also laughed until I cried.

I have a past
but that means I have a future too.

No, I am not perfect
and I'm actually kinda messed up.

I have bullet holes
but all the scars I'm covered in
are the proof
I have survived battles.

I feel pain because I am real
I can laugh because

I am still alive.