Friday, September 22, 2017

I Don't Wanna Change You

I don't wanna change you
I don't need to try to fix you
maybe you don't like those things
about you
but who said that's all there is to you
who said that's all
that you'll ever be
I'm so tired of fake perfection
you're real

But you say what about this and what about that
you think that scares me?
you think I'll run?
no I don't wanna change you
I don't wanna 'save' you
I don't wanna make you
into anything else
you are what you are

I don't wanna try to tame you
I don't wanna make you
comb out all those burrs
and just so you know
I like that wild side

In your imperfections
and in everything that makes you
who you are
you see darkness
but I see light, too
don't think I'm gonna try to
mess that up
not for one second

Let me leave you free
and all I ask is
that you do the same

Cause who said you weren't good enough. Maybe when you look at yourself, you see a flawed, scratched up mess. But maybe when someone else looks at you, they see past the scratches. Maybe they see a beautiful mosaic.

And just maybe they're seeing you right. :) 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

think straight

I should write more poems
I tell myself
I'm suppose to be the writer here
the pen dried up
is my excuse
but it's more that
my mind is chaos
I just can't 
think straight