Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pretend Sunsets

I try to speak to you with silent signs
you act like you can’t hear my mind
you're driving me wild
wish I was a child again

I forget to breathe when I’m thinking about it
cause there’s still too much more to say
but I don’t have the words
I never do

I wrote a novel you can never read
so can I just leave now?
it’s too hard to see in the dark
It isn’t supposed to be like this

I never ever wanted to take a magic pill
kinda want to now
I could hide, couldn’t I?
it’s not like you could see me anyway

sometimes I forget you’re blind
colors don’t make sounds but you
are so good at pretending
you can see sunsets
turns out so am I

how am I still here after all this time?
I should have been long gone
convinced there’s a castle beyond that hill
but there’s no dragon in sight
wish there was

I act like I’m oblivious
and you believe me
and that’s the problem
isn’t it?

we both pretend we aren’t blind
and I act like I’m looking at you when you talk
so I’ve never told you I can’t see your face
any better than you can see mine

but I can read you like an open page
when you speak I can see your mind
and when you fall silent
I hear what you don't say

but you don’t know how I hate
pretend sunsets
you don’t know how I love you
in the darkness


  1. It makes me want to say "are you doing okay?" There's no way this comes out of your mind without the input of your heart. :)

    1. Oh, for some reason Google didn't notify me of your comment, that's odd...
      I am alright. :) Thank you for checking.