Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lost You

So here I am on the outside
Watching you through the glass
You don't notice me 
I pretend not to care
But the truth is it hurts me
More than I can say

We used to be inseparable
But now we're worlds away
And I don't know how
To reach you again
And you're doing just fine 
Without me

So here I am alone
Just about given up
The glass is so thick
And I can't shatter it
But even if I could
Would it matter to you?

Don't know...
I can't
Keep waiting
It hurts
To see you
When we don't say a word
But know
I miss you...

So this is me saying goodbye
I will no longer hope
That one day 
We'll be close again
But just know
You matter to me

And if you ever need me
I'll be right here
I love you
Even though you don't know
Maybe this is my fault
But if you ever reach out
I'm here


  1. Very well done. I think everyone can relate to this because we have all experienced these emotions and feelings at some point in our life. Is the 'glass' a representation of our outer selves, and the 'person' behind the glass, our thoughts and feelings? If so, think of all the people who experience this and hold back, when it might just be happening to the person behind that 'other glass wall'.

    1. Hi Anonymous (do I know you? :))

      I hadn't necessarily intended the meaning of the poem that way, but yes, I think it could be interpreted as a battle within someone's inner self.

      Thanks so much for your thought-provoking comments! :D