Sunday, March 13, 2016

Road Map

The long and dusty road
Stretches out before me
I watch it wind around the mountains
And disappear into the dusky distance

And I wonder where my road map will lead me
How long will this journey take
How many lonely nights will I drive
With only the stars to light my path

I wonder where I am going
What does the future hold
Over the horizon
Around some distant bend

My old car makes
A wheezing sound
Over each bump on the rocky road
I think this heap of metal
Is going to fall apart

If it does, I'll walk the road
With nothing but road map in hand
I don't know what is ahead
Or how long this journey will take

But I know my destination awaits
I know it will be better
Than anything I've ever imagined
So I'll journey on and on

Because I know I'll make it
I have my map to guide me


  1. There's always so much symbolism in what you write. It makes you think. Nice poem :)

    1. I really like using symbolism. :) The cool thing about this poem is, I had writer's block so I prayed for something to write and literally a minute later this popped into my head. xD

    2. Then it is truly inspired. I love it!

  2. This was really lovely, Jess. I love the feeling in it, a sort of sense of desolation but in a good way. There was something abut the wheezing car that also really added character to it. I read your comment about this being an answered prayer about writer's block, that really makes it all the more wonderful. :)

    1. That's cool you feel like the wheezing car adds character! :D
      It was an awesome feeling to go from having absolutely no poems to write to having one I wasn't able to write down fast enough. :)