Thursday, April 21, 2016

The River

I walk by the river, it's shrouded in fog
But I hear the sound of a thunderous roar
The mighty white rapids are calling to me
I feel the cool breath of a living stream

Then the sun
Bursts forth
And burns away the mist
The river rushes into view

I wander close
I put one foot in first
But that is not enough, no
I wade deeper into the cool waters
The farther out I go the more alive I feel

But I also see the rocks jutting out
Of the foaming white rapids
I feel a twinge of uncertainty now
That water looks wild
Those rocks look fierce
Fear comes in a wave now
I start to turn back

But before I get the chance to flee
The river sweeps me off my feet
I'm thrown into the churning waves
But I don't sink, no instead I float
I ride the river and oh what a ride
I laugh because now
I am never getting off

And as I wash downstream on the ride of my life...
My fears wash away.