Friday, July 15, 2016

What You Want

I wasn’t even looking
But now I see a jewel
Right here in front of me
Shining like a star
Among all the other stones
This one stands out so brightly

Everything I’d hoped for someday
Right here before my eyes
But I whisper a prayer
Father my heart is in chaos
And I want to keep this one
But I want what You want
Your will not mine

Even though my heart longs
Sometimes the tears fall
I know You’re holding me tight
Nothing else compares at all
I put You first and wait
For what You’ll reveal in time

Even though my heart hopes
Father Yours are amazing plans
Whatever my future holds
I will trust Your love
Maybe my hope is Your plan
But no matter what I trust You

Even though sometimes I’m afraid
I know You hold my heart in your palms
And I want what You want
I want Your good plans
Whatever they are

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