Friday, November 6, 2015

A Pirate's Life

Arr Mates, a Pirate’s life fer me!
A jolly life of Rum and Gold
A carefree life with naught but Greed.
A scoundrel’s life upon the Sea!

Aye! Thar she be, the life fer me!
The cannon’s Roar, the Battle Cry
Waves and Gale, me spirits high!

Who cares if naught but Hell awaits,
To greet me roguish Soul at last?
I'll plunge ter Hell with a bottle o' Rum,
I'll sink wit' a cannon Blast!

Drink to ever sail the Seas!
Drink to Mirth an’ Cheer!
Drink to Fights and Brawls and Death!
Drink to what ye please!

My smoking Pistol brandish'd high,
I mock the Death awaits!
A Pirate’s life forever mine!
Death to all ye Mates!

Me bloody Cutlass slashing wide,
I scorn the Gallows Noose!
Ever ye try to hang me--
The Fires o' Hell set loose!

Arr, when I’ve made me Fortune,
When I’m rich, me Eye!
I’ll stomp about on me wooden Leg
Me head I’ll carry high!

Fer, once a Pirate, I’ll ever be
An’ best ter show it off!
A Lubber’s life is naught but Toil,
At such a life I scoff!

Aye, a Pirate’s life fer me I say!
Great Treasures be all mine
A bottle o’ Rum to cheer me Heart,
Dare not to say me Nay!