Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Cliff

We’re all rock climbers
Scaling this crag
Weary and bruised

A return
To the base of this cliff
Would be safer
But deep down inside
Our longing is greater
For the top of this cliff

I’m climbing

It’s tough
So very tough
But I know that the view
At the top will be more
Than I ever dared dream
Keep climbing

Muscles burn

Aching fingers
And I fall again
Wanna give up
Keep climbing

When I fall from the rocks

I beat myself up
‘Till I’m too sore to climb

Sometimes it seems I

Won’t reach the top
Keep climbing

Some days I

Don’t even care
Don’t even try
To climb

‘Cause it’s too hard

Crawling back up

Keep climbing

‘Cause if I give up
I’ll lose
They tell me I’m stubborn

Climb again
Fall again
Strength giving out
Maybe this time
I’ll win

Gotta keep climbing

Failure looks me

Straight in the eye
Haunts me
Every glance up
Keep climbing

I’m seeing mirages

I tell myself
But they aren’t
So quickly ignored
Keep climbing

Gotta keep climbing

‘Cause one day
You know what?
I’ll reach the top

When I glance up

This time

I won’t see mirages

Won’t give up this time
I won’t lie there at night
Losing my hope
Vowing to reach
The top next climb…

‘Cause I kept climbing, climbing

Didn’t give up
When it got rough
So rough…

Gotta remember

I’m not alone
Not climbing alone

‘Cause if you fall

Fall enough times
You’ll recall what they told you
Those who went first

‘You don’t wanna go solo

‘Cause tough doesn’t last
Not so strong as you think
And solo is lonely
Dude, solo is lonely’
Keep climbing

If I keep climbing

I’ll get better at this
Stronger and faster
Inch by inch

Sometimes I think

The going’s too rough
Way too rough
And it gets hard
So hard that I
Can’t go on

And I’m dangling

Here by a thread
A thread on the face of this cliff

I’m tired

So tired
Tired of waiting
Tired of fighting

The cliff goes forever

Into the sky
I can’t see the top
Can’t see the bottom
Thousands of feet loom
Between me and the ground
Between me and the top

I’m dizzy

I’m bruised
I’m not as strong as I used
To think that I was
Nails bleeding from clinging
To the face of this cliff

I want to give up

But deep down inside
I know
I’m not alone

Deep down inside

I know
That it never will be
Too tough
For me to scale

When climbing gets tough

I tend to forget
Why I am climbing
I do

I guess when you’re there

The rocks scraping your skin
The cliff seems all
There is in the world
So huge that it’s all you can see

You can’t remember

Don’t even remember
That there’s even a top
To reach

Gotta remember

There is

One day, one day

I’ll crawl up onto
The top of that cliff
Scaled it at last
And go onward

And that cliff

That cliff will be nothing
But a distant


  1. This was incredible. Not gonna lie, I got a little teary near the end. Very well done, Jess. :) *hug*