Saturday, January 30, 2016


Rise from the smoldering coals 
Of your past
Throw off that cloak of lies
Shake off the ashes of your guilt
You would give your life for them
So do it now 

Defeat the beast inside 

Shut out the howling of the
Because you are a knight

There is more to you than 

The blood of your sins
And crumbled dreams
And the screams of your past
The voices you can't shut out

You've been hiding

Under dark curtains
But now it's time
To Rise

They need you

Crushed under the fist you once served
And you won't turn your back now 
And let them die

Because even though you deny it

You were forged in the white-hot furnace
And you'll never be the same
Honor grew within your heart
It's straining to break free

You see yourself in their haunted eyes

The boy you used to be
The weak hope you used to carry
The fear you used to feel
Before your heart went numb

You're no longer a boy

It's time to become a man
And the sword you once drew in guilt and shame
Will now be raised
To slay that dragon 
Before the flames devour
The young and innocent

This is the reason you're still alive

You longed for death 
In a heartbeat and you 
Lived a dead life
But don't die for the wrong reason

This is the right reason

You are their last hope
And you don't have to live your past
Any longer

Your heart is good

Your sword is sharp
You're a different man
Than you used to be

So now... Rise.

This is the story of one of my characters, Marek. He has a bad past, and has caused a lot of pain, and endured a lot of pain. But he has a good heart, buried under all the chains of numbness and guilt. And a part of him is trying to break free. But he has to step up and stand against the forces he used to serve, because they are going to destroy everything he ever cared for. He has to take courage and rise against them.


  1. This is inspirational.

  2. Gah, this is amazing, Jess! I've been consistently so impressed going and reading all your poems and this one is no different. Amazing work, my dear friend!

    1. XD Thank you so much!! I am really so glad you like my poems.