Wednesday, February 24, 2016


In this darkness before the dawn
The silence is deafening
Wake me from this dream
I know it is not a dream

I cannot sleep again
The clock chimes midnight
I am thirsty
It is so dark

Do you know
How torturous is
Every tick of the clock
In the dead of night?

I want sleep to carry me away
From my anguished thoughts and fears
And the one place I have hidden away
Deep inside my mind

That is where it wanders tonight
And I cannot stop
I cannot stop
Give me relief from this dark night

Tell me dawn will break soon
I want this winter night to end
Please, please end
In the glowing hope of sunrise

I want to fall asleep again
I want to sleep until the break of dawn
When the dark of night
Fades away
I hope it will drag with it
These feelings


  1. This...this, wow, Jess this is fantastic! I don't often say this, but I really, really relate. I am in NO way a stranger to the seemingly endless sleepless hours that come some nights. This beautifully and accurately captured that feeling of lying awake in the darkness. Well done. :)

    1. In other people's writing, I can tell if they've described something or captured a feeling well, but for some reason in my own I can't really tell... So thank you! :D
      Nights like that are just awful... :/