Sunday, June 12, 2016

I See

I see your upturned gaze
Eyes dry, no tears
But I feel your pain
And I cry the tears
The ones you do not shed
When you think I am looking

I see your smile
Hear your laugh
It's like a shield
But I know you
I know what is behind
Your armor
I have hidden the same scars
That you hide

I hear your voice
Steady and unwavering
But I hear my own voice 
Tremor and break
In your place
The way your voice does
When you pray alone

Little do you know
I see it all
I feel it all
Every stab you take
Every shot that drops you 
Each one has wounded me too

Everything that hurts you
Hurts me
I would give anything
To see you whole again

I cannot save you
But let me show you 
Someone who sees everything
Someone who has caught
All those tears you shed in secret
Someone who will wipe them all away