Thursday, May 19, 2016


I stood at my window
Looked out, out across the water tonight
As I have done
For so many nights

Ripples across the deep, fireflies
A million little glowing lights
The moon drifts through the clouds
Like a ship of the starry sky

Something draws me
So even though I'm scared of the dark
I open my window and
Climb outside
Into the moonlit night
Walk down to the water's edge

I watch the moon break through the wisps
Glowing, glowing bright
White light
Is moonburn possible?
Because I think I
Got moonburned tonight

Moonburn isn't like
A sunburn
It's like being wonderstruck
It's like waking up
For the first time ever
I'm so enthralled by
The moonlight

What happened to the dark?
It is gone
In the wink of a firefly
In the soft night wind
In the moon's glow

Tell me why this happened
Tell me how
Who knew moonlight could do this
To me

Who knew 
Such gentle light
Could shine so bright
And light up the night sky
And the whole world glows
Like never before

I hope the moon never goes down
I hope the glow never fades
I hope the stars don't blink out
I hope the fireflies never go out 
Or fly away

I hope I can stay here 
I just want to stay

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