Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Stardust 2

Another stardust poem... xD It's kind of a sequel to my other one: http://unfetteredimaginings.blogspot.com/2016/02/stardust.html

Can stardust be contained forever?
Can you hide it in yourself
Wondering if it will spill out
And dance everywhere?

I have stardust in me yet again
And it begs to sparkle into the night sky
It's trying to escape
It pushes against my ribcage with every breath
And almost lifts me off my feet

I don't want to visit empty planets
Now that I've seen the stars
I'm captivated by stardust
And starlight

I am full of mist and dust
And I want to whisper
And let the stardust float
Out through my eyes
Where the stars are reflected

But I look down and close my eyes
Because you just can't drink starlight 
Unless someone hands you a glass and
Pours some into it

I want to reach up into space
To touch the stars
With the tip of my finger
And see if they come falling down to me

But instead I just look at them 
Through a borrowed telescope
And I don't tell the stars 
That I have stardust in my eyes

If they knew
I wonder 
Would they want it back?
Or would they fall in glimmering arcs
And float gently down to earth?

I'm starting to think I fell out of space
Just so I could stare up at night
And see the stars spanning the sky
But all the same

Whenever I gaze at the stars
They're too amazing to comprehend 
I could never find my way among them all
Even if I had a thousand years
And looking up I know I am hopelessly lost


  1. Haha, yep. I realize it's impossible to tell, but I really like stars... xD