Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Writing Yours

In the dark of night 
When the wind was high
You felt like you were drowning...

Not in floods of water
But floods of confusion
And hurt 
I heard you whispering, why
Wondering, why
Did I even try?

Oh don't fall
Don't fall apart
You're not cracked glass
You're not a shattered mirror
You're not a broken vase
You are whole

If you look at yourself
Through fractured sunglasses
Of course you'll think you're cracked
Rip them off
Throw them out the window

I can't tell you yet
Everything I am writing
On your pages
But I will tell you this
I don't write stories
That end in spilled ink
I don't write stories that don't have
Happy endings

Don't cry
Your story is not over yet
I haven't written the ending yet
Things aren't falling to pieces
No, things are falling together
Up is down and down is up
I know your destiny
I promise you'll get your gravity back

Just wait a little while
When the new day dawns
You will open your eyes
And read the next chapter 
Of the story I am writing

You're not drowning in the night
No, you are rising
Above the fog and
You see what I have written
For you
And it's better
Than you ever imagined

Fly eagle, glide and soar
Your strength is new again
So rise into the fiery dawn
Into the sun
Because I'm writing your destiny
And I promise you...

It's epic
It's magnificent
And as you lift above the mist
You see clearly
And realize that at long last
Dreams have collided with reality

And with each day that stretches 
Into the unknown
You'll see quite vividly
With breathless wonder
The strokes of my pen

Fairytales do come true
And I am writing yours

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