Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Invisible Box

She was bound up inside
With walls around her heart
And pressures building slowly
Inside the box she was trapped in

She thought it was normal
She thought that was how she would be forever
But that wasn't how she was meant to be

People compared her to many things
To roses, for she was delicate and beautiful
To a wild horse, for her soul strained against the bonds
To a storm, because she was as unpredictable as a hurricane

But no one told her that
Roses aren't meant to be crushed under foot
Delicate petals are meant to bloom, not die

Mustangs aren't supposed to be confined
They were born to run free in the wind

And storms can't be controlled
The rain can't be bottled up
The lightning can't be stopped from flashing
And thunder can't be tamed

But one night she had a dream
And a voice whispered that she was freer than a wild horse
Braver than a wild rose
And stronger than the storm winds

She woke up 
And when she opened her eyes
She found the bonds lying broken around her
She saw the walls shattered and crumbled
The pressure had vanished like a wisp of smoke
And the box she had existed in was invisible

As it had been all along