Saturday, November 5, 2016

Princess Behind the Mask

You wore an iron mask
You could not see
What lay underneath

It had been so long
Since you had seen your own face
That you did not know
Who you were anymore

You were the woman behind the mask
But you didn't know you were more than that
For the mask told lies

When you looked into the mirror
You saw a stranger's eyes
Staring back at you
Through the holes that allowed you to see

Little did you know, lost one
Not far away rode a warrior king
Whose heart beat for you
You did not yet know he existed

But it's you he wanted
Only you
He always had and always will

He charged for the castle
It didn't matter what it took to free you
And he traded his life for yours
With his dying breath he removed your mask
So you saw the truth

The woman behind the mask 
Was, all along, the princess of the kingdom
And when you realized who you were
You took up your sword

You became a warrior 

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