Sunday, August 14, 2016

Caught in the Lyrics

This song is not trapped in my head
no I am trapped inside the song
it holds me captive at midnight
and still won’t let me go at dawn

I love the tune
I adore the lines
I’ve watched the music video
a hundred and three times
words trickle through my mind

The song is mine as I hum all day
until night the song belongs to me
but after sunset
I belong to the song

I’m a prisoner to the enchanting melody
as it twines through my restless mind
I’m held captive by trailing strands of
frayed lyrics

My sighs match the beat
as the night drags on
I can’t sleep
I memorize all but the the last two lines
in the long hours before dawn

I am caught in the lyrics
and when I finally fall asleep
my dreams whisper-sing
with the captivating inflection
of the unrelenting tune

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