Friday, August 12, 2016

Metal-Plated Dreams

Purple peanut butter jellyfish chase
Chocolate-covered lima beans
And tree frogs dance on a furry stage
While cactus unicorns
Run from lifelike artichoke

If you plunge into a lemon-flavored
Sea of grass
Don't try to catch 
The eagle-feathered fish

Ostrich juice flows through valleys 

Of summer wintertime
Careful, don't dip your toes in
'Cause rivers have high fevers

I wear a fizzy cape as I rescue
Baby army ants
From a deadly battle
Against exotic coffee cups

I know this makes no sense
But trust me because I know this:
Wrought-iron badgers
Sometimes come alive at night

Before you fall asleep tonight
Buckle on your gold-detecting socks
Because if you're not careful you may
Catch a metal-plated virus

The dreams you'll have are quite bizarre
You'll fly with backpack wings
To a land of strangest things
Don't ask me why

You'll understand it all
Once you've heard the liquid band
Strum songs on old
Crayon-stringed guitars

When I crash land in reality once more
I'll make sure to let you know
But until then I'll wander through
The cotton candy-cane hallways
Of metal-plated dreams


  1. And if you see a shady summer camp
    Think twice before you nap
    They don't always turn out to be
    The things you think they'll be

    LOL this is bizarre!

    1. Hahaha nice poem! xD Ohh those summer camps... yes think twice! *shudder*

      Yeah my mind just wouldn't come up with anything meaningful. xD