Saturday, August 13, 2016

Touching Air

You're under the deep
In the depths of the sea
Jellyfish touch your tail
Unstung you float through the seaweed 

Mermaid hair flows
Around your shoulders
And you fade through empty wrecks
Of ancient ships

Saltwater skin
Seawater lungs
Fingers try to catch the bubbles
The sun wavers through the water

You try to reach the surface
But shadows push you down again

The sailboats glide over your head
You fade deeper 
Pushing water like we 
Push againsnt the wind

Lonliness lives deep inside you
Heartbeat pulsing, longing
For what lies above the sea
You watch the shadow of a shark glide
Flicker past your underwater cave

Glimmer shimmer glide and sway
The ocean clings to you like a cape
But you shake starfish out of your hair

One trembling finger breaks the surface
Sea-blue eyes widen as
For the first time, you touch...