Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dove in the Rocks

I hear a call in the night
Speaking to me
So I open the window
I creep closer to the sound
Of a voice filled with fiery moonlight

And the world turns upside down
And rights itself
I blink as I see your face
I feel unsteady

You grab my hand and lead me
Into the pines
An owl calls through the forest
The little frogs chirp in the dark
The moon bursts from the clouds
And filters through the leaves

You pull me close and spin me around
I smile and laugh
Behind the waterfall we paint cave paintings
Yours say “I love you, I always have”
Suddenly I see you anew

But then their footsteps echo on the rocks
Their torches approach
Their voices are an ugly language
Their cruelty proceeds them

I am afraid but you hide me in the crack
And tell me that I am your dove in the rocks
Whom you waited a lifetime for
You whisper, “I’m not going anywhere”
Before you turn to face them

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