Thursday, March 16, 2017

The World Froze Overnight

The stars used to twinkle at me,
but it must be cloudy tonight,
because they are nowhere to be seen.
They winked out before I could take a second glance.

I was so sure the breeze wanted to blow over me,
whispering gently in my ears.
But without warning,
it turned savage,
pinning me to the ground.

And the sun’s warm rays tickled the top of my head,
but where did it go,
when the clouds burst over the horizon?
Racing like a herd of wild stallions;
trampling on my tired feet.

The forest sang a song to me and the trees beckoned me,
but a terrible storm wrecked those beautiful maples,
leaving me drowning in maple syrup;
so chilly and bittersweet.

I have been trying to melt it away,
but there is no cure.
So I accept this fact;
the outdoors has become cold toward me.

I start to shiver.

And when I finally see the frostbite on my fingertips,
icy realization strikes--

All the world froze overnight.

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