Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Flames fought to reach the burning sky
As the wanderer watched
Reflections of hungry fire danced
On the water in the bottom of his pail

The scent of smoke carried him
Back to his childhood
The day his first home burned down
He looked up at the flames and saw it all again

The smoke was swirling, crying, “Run.”
Longing tasted like smoke, how was that?
The fire laughed and he closed his eyes
Let it burn, let it burn...

When he opened them the house was
Burned to the ground...
Smoking timbers,
Smoldering, crumbled walls
Now he was gray like the fog

He smiled and set the bucket down
The water sloshed over the sides and trickled
Into the dry and thirsty ground
He threw his coat over his shoulder

Walked into the desert without a backward glance
That house had never been his home
Fire couldn’t take a thing
From a wanderer like him


  1. Tough guy! Sounds like he tends to start over again a lot, and be okay with that.


    1. Yep! He's a bit of a free spirit and he's got what he needs. xD