Thursday, March 30, 2017

In the Music

Late night and I stay up
the candle is burning low
I’ve been dreaming again
and I catch memories in the music
this song is carrying me back
to how I felt once

I had glimpses of something grand
maybe I lost them for a while
did they fly away on the notes
of the music I stopped listening to?
did they drift out to sea because
I looked away for a second?

It’s like this song brings it all back
and my head is filled with visions again
the music is whispering to me
I feel like a mystery is waking up

All the things I used to dream of
all the wildness I wanted to keep
and let it go in a splash of ink
and strum of a note
and stroke of a pencil

I am drifting back to that place,
to that time
when my eyes were filled with stardust
and I saw something ineffable in ordinary music
ordinary words
and ordinary sounds and smells
and everything made me feel
a way that I haven’t felt in a while

When I was looking and searching
and maybe I found something
wonderfully mysterious
and then let it fade like old ink
I am finding it again, this part of me I forgot

It is coming back
in the music
It’s speaking to me
in the candle’s flame
in the way the wind smells
and in the sound of the rain
I am glimpsing that mystery again

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