Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tiny Glimpse of Stardust

You were flying high
When you fell from the night expanse
We looked up to see the stars you came from
But the night sky was cloudy

Like tears, the stardust slowly trickled from your eyes
Into shimmering pools at your feet
And neither of us knew how to put it back
So you had to adjust to life on a new planet

But you were a star, meant to be in orbit
Meant to gleam in the cold vast outer space
You weren't supposed to end up here
Far away from the galaxies you love

You didn't last long under a hot summer sky
You longed for the cool darkness of space
You were meant to burn until you lit the night
But held to the surface by gravity, you burned out
Until only a glimmer of your bright sparkle lay on the ground

In your dreams you were gathering speed
Shooting into orbit
You were going home
I cradled you in my hands but you couldn't see me
But as you faded away, I saw a tiny glimpse
Of stardust

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