Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Alien Creature In My House

In my house there lives 
A creature unnaturally strange
Weird is not strong enough 
A word to describe

Scrambled eggs replaced brains
The zombie faces this thing makes at me 
Are enough to scare even the bravest soul
In the dark
Such a person cannot be from earth

This wonder must be
Of an alien species
Speaking alien tongue
Goober and Wer are the garbled terms
Proceding from its mouth

I cannot imagine how it has survived so long
Without spontaneously combusting
From its own weirdness

However I must admit that
Somehow despite its head
Being formed of a bubble filled with
Air and scrambled eggs
It sometimes has moments of brilliance

But the thing that I cannot comprehend 
Is that somehow
This alien crept into my house!
And somehow
Disguised itself 
As my 14 year old brother!

I do hope this weirdness is not contageous... 


  1. ...yeah, about a stanza and a half in, I began to wonder if this was about Ramiah....

    I really like your use of faces in this one. :}

    1. Hehehe... I like to pick on him. ;)
      Faces just seemed right for this one. :D