Sunday, February 7, 2016

Shooting Star

You left my universe behind
Disappeared into the Milky Way
Scattering stars in your wake
You shot like a comet through space

I'm racing on your fiery tail

I've got a fast ship
I'm following you
To the ends of outer space

Because you're the shooting star

The fell from my sky
Left a black hole
Where you used to be

But I lost your trail

Somewhere in the void beyond the sun
In the darkness of outer space
I saw a glow emanating 
From the cold face of the moon

On the craggy surface

In the valley of a crater
I discovered your empty footsteps
In the moondust

You've led me on a star-crossed chase

Across this lonely expanse
I'd follow you through a million galaxies
And now I'm catching up to you

I can see you're burning out

Running out of time
I won't stop until I've found you
And when you plumet out of orbit

I promise I will catch you in my palm


  1. This was lovely! Not sure how to quite put it, but I loved the outer space setting. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked the space setting! At the time I wrote it, I was kind of obsessed with shooting stars and stardust and moondust... Probably had to do with the songs I was listening to. :D