Sunday, February 21, 2016

Always and Forever

I take a walk in the forest tonight
Midnight dapples on the leafy floor
Waterfall's icy spray on my face
Everything is a haunting reminder of you.

I'm on my knees
Begging you to do the impossible
To live again
I'm dying inside without you
I'm a shadow without shape.

This emptiness is so heavy
I'm drowning under the weight
Why couldn't I save you?
Why can't I find you now?

Where are you?
I want to hear your voice but all I hear is the wind
Every song I listen to speaks of you
Whispers to my soul that you're gone.

How can you be gone forever?
How is this possible?
When I still see you in my mind and
Still hold you in my heart.

I would give anything to see your face
One more time
I would cross worlds to see your smile
I would do anything just to hold your hand again.

One. More. Time.

Where is the path that leads to you? 
Show me the map I can follow
Show me the road that will lead me
To where you are.

I stand in the moonlight and watch the shadows glide
I imagine that I see an echo of you under the pines
But when I look closer
I see only the shadows.

I cried waterfall tears for so long
In my dreams you sat beside me
In my life you are gone
I must go on without you.

But always, always, always, and forever
I carry you with me inside my heart.

When you miss one who is gone... 
Big hugs to those missing someone right now.


  1. Beautiful and sad, my dear, very beautiful and very sad. :(

    1. Thank you... It was basically just me pouring out my feelings and I knew there would be others who have felt this way so I made it into a poem.