Sunday, February 21, 2016

War Cry

I need to tell you something
I need you to listen to me now
Before you leave this place
You need to know 

They are lying to you.

They are telling you a lie that

Your dreams don't
A lie

They talk and they talk

And they jab and they jab
And slamming the door 
In your face they tell you

That you are worthless

That you aren't good enough to

And after a while it starts to sink in

They lie and they lie
They laugh and they laugh 
At you on the ground
And you start to believe them

The false evidence surrounds you

Against the stark white walls
The glare in your eyes at 2 AM
Screams that your life doesn't

Raging and shouting rings in your ears

You screw your eyes shut
You cover your ears
But you can't hide
There's nowhere to go

Maybe if you fall asleep 

You can escape
Maybe if you turn the music up
The misery will drown

But they forever remind you that

Your life is a book that's wide open
For everyone to read
You have no secrets anymore
They're smeared across the pages

And it breaks my heart to see you

Slumped over, face in your hands
Believing you don't 

Oh but let me tell you now

The truth
The dangerous truth that
They don't want you to know

Under the screaming

Beneath the din of lies
Open your ears, a voice is 
Calling you to battle

It whispers and whispers

Saying your name
Telling you that you
Do matter

It says

This is not because
There is something wrong with you
It is because there is something dark in them

And you need to understand this now.

Stop listening to the ones lying

Ignore their lies
All they are is

They scream because 

They don't want you to hear
That soft voice
Because they know this:

If you listen to the voice

You will be dangerous
They are afraid of what you are
What you can be
The power residing 
Within you

The truth is

You are shining bright like a star
In this dark and empty place
You scare them
You threaten the dark
And this is why they lie to you

So don't listen to their screaming

Listen to the soft voice telling you that
You are a danger to the dark
It cannot stand against you
You more than matter

You wear the only armor that

They cannot stand against
Hold your head high with a
War cry
For in this battle you more than matter.

You are vital.


  1. I don't even know what to say or where to begin... Jess, this, I, I can't tell you how moved I am by this. Really truly I think this may be the best thing you've written or at very least one of the best things. Really, words fail me to express how this made me feel. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Jay. I really, really hope it was encouraging to you.