Sunday, February 7, 2016

Frozen Heartbeat

A blizzard struck me
As I was reaching for a peak
Alone on the mountain face
Exposed to the fury of the storm
I got lost in the whirlwind

It beat me against the rocks

It ripped away my coat
And drove splinters of ice
Into my chest

When the winds died down

I was nothing but a frostbitten shape
Frozen to the mountainside
And inside my chest
Around my heart
Lodged a block of ice

They found me wedged between the rocks

With effort they dragged me out
Lifting me to their shoulders
They carried me down to the valley

But even the roaring fire

As I collapsed on the hearth
Couldn't pierce the block of ice
That had claimed my heart 

So they gave up and left me

Alone with my frozen heartbeat
And over the course of years
Time taught me to get used 
To feeling numb

But one day the door opened

And you came into the room
You touched my block of ice
Like a warm summer breeze

But burning pain seared inside

Worse than the storm I'd endured
As the ice began to thaw
Until I screamed at you to let me go

But you placed your hand over my heart

I struggled as you 
Forced the ice to melt
Then I felt an unfamiliar pulse within

And my heartbeat came to life again