Friday, February 19, 2016

Wild Music

I hope you find me
When you walk through the forest
I hope you hear me calling in the wind
Among the trees
I'm whispering your name

And I hope when you see the sun going down
You think of me because
You don't want me to go down either
I'm whispering your name in the dark

I hope you look for me
When it rains, look for me in the storm
Let's dance in the rain
Who cares if it's a thunderstorm
I hear wild music in the roar

When the tsunami hits
I hope you look for me then
Grab your surfboard, let's ride the waves
If we die, let's die together

When you're on your hands and knees in the mud
When you can't think straight anymore
I hope you think of me
And I hope somehow it helps you get back on your feet

Something is missing without you
I feel it in my soul
Until we find each other
I won't be whole

The band is striking up
The beat is pulsing fast
Life is racing in my blood
I feel so alive tonight

I'm going cliff jumping
At sunset
Over a shark-filled sea
Birds wheeling overhead
They're screaming our names
Come find me

Together, you and me
Let's scribble our own lyrics and run
For the highest sunset cliff and there
Let's play wild music 

I was listening to my favorite music, feeling the wind blowing gently in through my window, and musing about how life is an adventure... and suddenly came the urge to write, so I did; and it felt incredible. It was one of those moments when you just feel so alive. *deep sigh*


  1. Aw, Jess, this was just so fantastic on so many levels! I mean really, really fantastic! You're an amazing human and I'm so fortunate to know you.

    1. Thank you so much!! :D
      So are you, Jay, and I'm fortunate to know you! :) *Hug*